Building Learning Power

At Navigation we want to develop our learners so that they are equipped to follow their own passions and talents. We will focus on a different area of learning each term to develop their own 'learning muscles.' The initial areas to develop are perseverance, collaboration and questioning. These were identified following discussions with pupils, parents and staff. A mixture of assemblies, displays, explicit teaching, special days/events and a shared language of learning will help to embed these 'learning muscles' in everything we do at Navigation. The chart below shows how these 'learning muscles' are organised around different core skills



Our latest learning muscle to develop is questioning. Albert Einstein said, 'the important thing is to never stop questioning.' In the spring term we want to develop our children's natural curiosity about the world by building up their ability to ask thoughtful and interesting questions. We will start by looking at the difference between open and closed questions. In KS2 we will go on to develop our knowledge of different levels of questioning using Bloom's taxonomy.  Each classroom will also have a display with interesting questions that the children have asked.  



At Navigation last year we developed our ‘learning muscles’ so that we can become lifelong learners with the skills and traits needed to be brilliant learners in different situations.

In the Autumn term we focused on developing perseverance. This is essential if our learners are to get to the bottom of challenges which don’t turn out to be as easy as they first thought.

We developed ‘stuck strategies’ so that we can tackle challenges independently even when the going gets tough.


Check out these examples:

Encourage your child to persevere with different challenges and talk about ways to tackle problems. Some of the strategies we have developed to persevere are:

  • Stop and think about the problem.

  • Look back through your book, is there anything that can help you?

  • Talk about it with a friend.

  • Use resources to help you such as 100 squares, dictionaries and the internet.

  • Sometimes you need to leave a question and come back to it at the end



Last year we also developed a new learning muscle called collaboration. We were learning about the different roles we can play in a group as well as the skills needed to negotiate with others and work towards a common goal.


We read stories, played games and had a crack at a huge variety of different projects from nursery up to year six. We also enjoyed our Lego day where we put our skills into action by working across year groups to create a Lego town.


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